Your partner from start to start

Aiden is a SaaS-platform, but we don't do 'hands-off' implementations. We are your partner, from start to... start! After all: going live with a new concept is really just the beginning. Experiences that are built to last, are built to evolve. Together we systematically improve the efficiency and quality of your implementation.

How we work

So, we're ready to launch a new Aiden implementation together. Awesome! No matter your use case or type of platform implementation, our process will look roughly the same:

💡 Phase 1: Concept

First, we need to reach a mututal understanding of what we're trying to achieve, why this is important and which (scoping) constraints we're seeing.


✓ Proposition document

✓ Choice of interaction concept

🔌 Phase 2: Confirm

Before we go any further, we need to check the (technical) feasability of our concept. In other words: how will we work together to ensure a successful implementation?


✓ Technical approach (Aiden platform & internal systems)

✓ Planning (backlog), incl. roles & responsibilities for next phases

Once our mutual goal and project team is set, we focus on the execution:

🎨 Phase 3: Create

In this phase we create the look, feel, words and intelligence that will bring our concept to life.


✓ UX & graphic design

✓ Copy document

✓ Data & logic design (flow)

🔧 Phase 4: Configure

Once design and content have been signed off, we'll configure the platform and build the application. After review and user testing, V1.0 is ready to go live.


✓ V0.9

✓ V1.0

🚀 Phase 5: Live

Now the real fun can begin. We are with you throughout the live phase to ensure a succesful application with happy users.


✓ Regular catch-up calls to evaluate performance

✓ Continuous tweaks and improvements in V1.X updates

We realize that many of the roles involved in digital innovation projects aren't easy to come by. That's why we've got our own dream team of digital professionals (designers, developers, copywriters). If you deliver the financial subject matter expertise, we can deliver the full application. But we're equally happy if you pick up certain roles internally.

What we bring to the table

We bring vision, ambition and hustle to every new partnership. Yes, we are experienced professionals with a proven track record in creating successful digital experiences. But it's our drive to help fix what's broken — with a great platform and great people — that really sets us apart.

For every new implementation our team of experts is on hand to guide your concept to success. We have dedicated specialists across all key disciplines, guaranteeing your project will be implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible.

As your partner, we employ an open, agile and flexible way of working. Our approach allows us to deal creatively with the limitations of legacy, while fully recognizing the importance of established internal processes.