From advertising to assistance and robo-advice

In this day and age, merely advertising your products online is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. The next frontier in digital customer experience is in assisting and advising users to make a purchasing decision. Aiden offers a variety of tried and tested use cases for guided selling and robo-advice in financial services.

These are (some of) our use cases

Offer a helping hand in your execution only funnels

If actually advising still feels like a (legal) step too far, do realize that there's no one stopping you from offering assistance in your execution only funnels. Through smart user interactions and funnel personalization, Aiden allows you to go the extra mile and help your users decide. Our promise: increased conversion and higher NPS.

Launch a standalone robo-advice channel

Ready to take the next step? Move from assisting to advising and launch a standalone robo-advice channel. Whether it's mortgages, insurance or lending, there's a clear market for robo-advice among millennial customers. To them, the high costs of offline advice are hard to explain — especially in fairly straightforward contexts. Aiden offers a solution: accessible, affordable and compliant financial advice through a branded robo-advisor.

Automate repetitive tasks with a hybrid advice flow

Online advice exists on a spectrum. One of the steps toward standalone robo-advice is a hybrid advice flow. By automating repetitive tasks (e.g. a prospect's onboarding journey) your 'offline' experts can be more effective where their expertise matters most. It's also an excellent way to experiment with new digital interactions without going all-in on a robo-advisor just yet.

Create a digital coach for support throughout the customer lifecycle

Want to have more top-of-mind, daily relevance in your customer's life? Don't wait for them to come to you with a problem. Rather, be pro-active and offer assistance at key life events. A smart, digital assistant will warm up your customer relationship, while at the same time fulfilling key duty of care regulations. Aiden helps you build such an assistant and incorporate it into your existing customer-facing applications.

Enrich campaigns with thematic tooling

The urgency of certain financial matters can often be a hard sell. Personalization and interactivity can help engage users with such matters. Aiden enables you to build and launch a thematic tool around any topic that benefits from an interactive question/answer flow. Examples are found in sustainability, pensions, mortgages, insurance, and beyond.