A software platform for the future of financial services

Our finance platform offers a solid backend foundation for unlimited frontend flexibility. It consists of 12 modules that are available in 2 set-ups: Assist and Advise. Assist is used to build non-advisory tooling, while Advise is a must-have add-on for implementations that require compliant financial advice.

Let's see which composition best matches your use case. Fair warning: things might get technical...

Aiden Assist

— take your users by the hand and help them make decisions

Want to get truly personal without getting into the murky legal waters of financial advice? Assist is your perfect match. This set-up enables several use cases, such as an execution-only flow, digital coach, or thematic tool. Create dynamic web applications and chatbots, or use Assist to run a/b tests and compare the performance of assistance-based interactions to that of traditional funnels (then be amazed by the results).

Aiden Assist consists of the following modules:


✓ An extensible engine for modeling complex data structures, knowledge and decisions.

✓ Use and combine reasoners based on business rules, recommendations and machine learning to define and execute behaviors.

✓ Connect with external services and API's for realtime data integrations.


✓ Use captured contextual data to generate complex sentences and analyze complex sentences to generate contextual data.

✓ Build sentences, recognize singular/plural, implement multiple sentence variants, generate phrases and conjunctions.


✓ Capture user profiles based upon user input and behaviors.

✓ Profiling is not strictly a backend affair - it can be disclosed to the frontend for users to tweak.

✓ Generate n-dimensional profiles that will be matched to product configurations.


✓ Build knowledge driven web applications based on the data and decision models configured in the advisor engine.

✓ Fully customisable controls, screens, navigation and relevance behaviour.

✓ Can be combined with the conversation engine to provide realtime contextual feedback and alternative conversational flows.

Analytics & events

✓ Log user actions and gather insights on the effectiveness of the implementation.

✓ Automatically export user events to Google Analytics or another internal analytics dashboard.

Behavioral patterns

✓ Enable cross-user comparisons and convert these into (automated) action.

✓ Set ‘doubt detectors’ to offer in the moment triggers for additional assistance.


✓ Build chatbots and conversational applications and integrate them on your own website, or as a plugin for existing messaging platforms (Slack, Facebook).

✓ Fully customizable message styles, input types, actions and intents, dialog selection and relevance behaviors.

Accounts & login

✓ Manage user accounts.

✓ Provide authentication and authorisation, and safely store (sensitive) user or session data.

✓ Integrate with 3rd party system (e.g. CRM).

PDF Reporting

✓ Generate complex visual reports from captured data as a PDF.

✓ Use Natural Language Generation and CSS formatting to maximize the quality and appeal of the content.

Aiden Advise

— take your users by the hand and advise them on the right decisions

Want to get truly personal and give compliant financial advice? Then Advise is a must-have add-on for your business. It enables you to set up a standalone robo-advice channel or launch a hybrid advice implementation. Create robo-advice flows for complex financial products (e.g. insurance advice or mortgage advice), while complying with regulators' guidelines and requirements.

Aiden Advise consists of all of the modules that make up Assist, as well as:


✓ Integrate with a payment service provider to enable online (e.g. iDeal) payments.


✓ Provide secure, validated and immutable audit logs showing all user actions and system reactions during a user's journey.

✓ Fully encrypted and stored in a hash chain to guarantee immutability.

✓ Support for hash chain replication to enable realtime third party validation.

Video replayer

✓ Generate a video replay of a user's advice journey based purely on the information logged by the compliance module.

✓ Recreate a user's journey based on the information logged in the audit log and generate it as a full motion video by calling upon the version of the application used at the time of the original user journey.