Consumers and governments are embracing sustainability. Are you?

The role of financial service providers in global sustainability efforts is rapidly taking shape. European governments and regulators are pushing mortgage providers to take an active role in the transition to sustainable homes. But how to fulfil this role without adding significant burdens to your bottom line?

Aiden is your helping hand in the sustainability domain

Automated sustainability advice is an out-of-the-box Aiden solution. Give a personal and interactive advice to your customers how they can easily make their properties more sustainable.

See the wood through the sustainable measures

In this day and age there are a lot of sustainability measures that can be applied to your house, and many different sustainable investments that you as a consumer can hop on. The Aiden assistant application, helps guide customers through all the different sustainability measures. By using the information needs from actual users, we can help organise information without creating an information avalanche of sustainable options.

A sustainable investment

Every customer is different and not all sustainable investments have the same investment threshold and/or payback period. The Aiden advisor tool, provides customers with advice on which sustainable investment are best suited for them with regards of their personal preferences and returns on investment.