Pension advice for millennials

You say 'pensions aren't sexy'. We say 'well, you're not even trying'. There's a vast discrepancy between consumer needs and the experience delivered by financial service providers. Change the paradigm, push the boundaries and cross the chasm to create awareness, relevance, proximity and understanding — even of a far-off topic like retirement.

Aiden is your helping hand in the pensions domain

Let's deliver a paradigm shift and show that it's actually possible to engage young people on pensions, today.

Educate, engage and excite

Before people can care about anything, they need to understand it and be involved. Understand young people's motives and situations to create relevant, personalized communication. Engage them in conversation and turn your pension related communication from fear to value.

Assist, advise and care

Provide the best possible pension advice using the latest user interactions and AI technologies. Automate data input where you can, and provide seamless experiences to learn customer objectives and motivations. Automatically generate fully personalized pension advice reports, or create a thematic tool for campaign-related communications.

Don't standardize — contextualize!

Provide personalized insights and bring them to life by showing the implications of a decision thirty years from now. Ditch the dull graphs. Break down scenarios and risks based on user's current context, and empower them to take action today.