Consumers are embracing digital mortgage processes. Are you?

The role of digital in the mortgage process is rapidly progressing and drastically transforming. Throughout their home buying journey, consumers are depending more on digital tools to help them out, and lines with traditional — offline — channels are blurring. From exploration to execution, digital is the new normal.

Aiden is your helping hand in the mortgage domain

The next generation of digital mortgage experiences is on the horizon. Let's deliver a paradigm shift, together.

Execution-only, robo-advice or hybrid advice

Set up a self-service, execution-only digital mortgage channel. Or go even further and create a standalone robo-advice channel. Or use the Aiden platform to supplement, complement, and coexist with traditional channels — all at the same time. Whichever digital mortgage strategy works for you (execution-only, robo-advice, or hybrid), Aiden helps you put it into practice.

Understand the home and the heart

Mortgage financing starts with the hard facts: which house is the customer buying and what is their financial situation? But a truly solid advice also takes into account their goals, motivations and perceptions. To capture this, Aiden creates an unique, n-dimensional profile that forms the foundation of a personalized digital experience.

Fully automated, fully personalized mortgage advice

Personalization and scale are no longer a tradeoff. Aiden automatically matches profile and products, culminating in an expertly tailored mortgage advice. Custom and hyper-personalized — without generalizations, assumptions and bias. Fully transparent, traceable and compliant.