Online loans risk or necessity? Probably both

In recent years hundreds of online lending platforms have sprung up, threatening to disrupt the banking industry. Borrowers — both B2C and B2B — can now access cash at speeds and service levels that traditional lenders have yet to match. Traditional banks who want to meet these fintech challengers should match convenience with good governance.

Aiden is your helping hand in the lending domain

In order to keep your credit products accessible, relevant and future-proof, it may be time to move them (partially) online. Aiden can help you achieve this for both B2C and B2B audiences.

Convenience is key...

Recent developments in the market have shown a simple reality: many people find online loans more convenient than those from traditional, brick-and-mortar lenders. A slick website or app enables a smooth application process. Such assistance-based experiences are easily created using Aiden Assist.

...but let's not forget about governance

Loans have a reputation, and it's not generally a positive one. That's why good governance is key. The compliance modules that are part of Aiden Advise allow you to set up a solid compliance foundation — even for execution-only products. The result: happy user, happy regulator.