Simple or complex insurance solutions. We've got you covered!

In the past 10 years insurers have stacked the deck against themselves online. Lack of service innovation has lead to deteriorated gains and marginalized brand experiences. Meanwhile, price driven disrupters are making no qualms about taking the market.

The fight for relevance is on — and the only way forward is customer centricity. Stand out from your competitors by offering services that are frictionless, hyper-personalized and enjoyable to engage with.

Aiden is your helping hand in the insurance domain

The next generation of digital insurance experiences is on the horizon. Let's deliver a paradigm shift, together.

Take back control of your customer relationship

Crucial to delivering value is having a direct relationship with your customers. For too long, intermediaries have stood in the way with business objectives that don't align with yours. Start rebuilding your customer relationship by engaging more meaningfully and frequently through personalized, memorable, and digitally-enabled insurance products and services. With Aiden, you can even take it one step further and create a smart, digital assistant or financial coach to be proactive in supporting your customers at key life events.

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! From product to customer

Customers aren't interested in a list of your products. They look for services and solutions that fit their needs. So start by understanding their context and motives, then assist them in making the best insurance decisions. Stop thinking of digital as a sales funnel and start offering execution-only flows that actually help your users make decisions.

Offer robo-advice for complex insurance products

Financial advice is as alive as ever and it's a great tool to add value and relevance. Just don't offer it as it were the 1980's. Leverage today's AI technologies to put advice at the heart of the digital customer journey, and open up new markets and revenue streams. Aiden enables standalone robo-advice implementations, but can also be used in hybrid advice contexts.