Putting the service back in financial services

If you're reading this, you likely work for a financial service provider. In which case we've got a question for you: What happened to the actual service part of your business?

It's 2019, so you've moved most of your business online. You've standardised and digitised your offerings. You've made execution-only the norm. And you've got all your funnels pointing in the single direction that counts: convert, convert, convert!

Turns out: so have all your competitors.

From advertising to assisting and advising

A digital strategy that focuses on product advertising is detrimental to your brand differentiation and — most importantly — to your customer relationship. Because, let's be honest: financial products are complex. They deserve thoughtful consideration. And yet, these days, customers who seek advice or assistance are left with two suboptimal options:

  1. They can go online and try to find their own way to a solution that matches their needs.
  2. They can go offline for expert advice, at a significant (time and/or monetary) cost.

Aiden offers a third option: a digital helping hand. Using the power of today's AI technologies, we put advice and assistance at the core of your online business. And with that, we put your customer — instead of your products — at the core of your online business model. That's how we help financial firms build a robust, personalised, and scalable service strategy that's ready for the 2020s.

Create a digital helping hand

Aiden is a modular software platform that helps you capture, enrich and deliver business intelligence to the right customer, at the right time.


Our powerful advisor engine handles complex data structures and business logic like a champ. Algorithms can be based on business rules, recommendations, machine learning, or a combination thereof. That's how your intelligent application will always know exactly when to execute which behaviour.


Using the power of today's AI technologies, static business logic is transformed into dynamic, personalised user flows. Aiden enriches baseline data through user profiling, cross-user behaviour patterns, and natural language generation.


We don't believe in out-of-the-box frontend solutions. Every use case requires a unique user experience. That's why standardised plug-and-play widgets will never work. Instead, Aiden offers hyper-customisable frontend archetypes to deliver, tweak, and optimise virtually any interaction concept.